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Connie is recognized as a light worker and energy healer as well as a teacher, speaker and mentor. Her certifications include but are not limited to: Aura / Chakra Specialist, Clair cognizant Intuit, Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor, Reiki Master – Huna & Kundalini , Chios Master Teacher, C.E.L.T. Grand Master, Munay-Ki Mentor, Registered Nurse (retired), Author.



Pricing starts at $65/ hour.

Your journey to physical, emotional, mental and spirtual well being and balance begins in your energy field. Is your energy field keeping you down? You can recieve any (or a combination) of the following energy services: – High perception energy field reading – Chakra / aura imaging and analytics – Reiki (Usui, Huna, and Power) – Chios – Quantum Touch – Munay-Ki – Spirit Releasement – Healing Touch – Crystal Healing – EFT – Energy Healing Codes – Angel Touch – Energy Inversion – Chakra and aura balancing – Power Reiki for chronic pain.


Pricing $50 each.

An attunement is the receiving of a higher frequency energy sent from one to another. Available attunements are: – Power Reiki Weight Loss I (Basic) – Power Reiki Weight Loss II (Booster, if needed) – Power Reiki Weight Loss III (If weight loss desired is 100 lbs or more)


Pricing starts at $30 / half hour.

Looking for Answers along “Life’s Path”: – Tired? Confused? – Questioning your path? – Looking for your path? – Need answers? Need clarity? Let cards, angels, runes, stones, intuitive readings give you help along your way.Private or groups sessions available.

To learn more about these services and techniques, Call Connie at 614-989-4550,

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